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Welcome to Veezla | Address Tools!
Veezla | Address Tools brings a solution that standardizes, validates, and verifies global address data 100% natively on Salesforce.
For the ease of this documentation, we refer to Address Tools as AT.



Fields that comprise of address information. It includes Line 1, Line 2, Postal Code, City, State, and Country fields. It is not restricted to any objects.

Address Block

An Address Block is set of minimally required fields for address management that can be displayed and used on any objects. Deployment is available for both standard and custom objects.
By default, mapping is provided for our custom Veezla Address object and standard objects that include addresses: Contacts and Accounts.
Read more about address blocks and their configuration.

Address Central

Address Central is a configurable lightning component for editing and verifying out of the box or custom address blocks.
Saved but not verified yet
Read more about Address Central how address verification works with Address Central.

Address Management

Standalone Address Management

As part of the package comes an Address object that is set as a default object containing all address data and address management fields. It is used under parent objects without address fields on the parents.

Enhanced Address Management

All features are available for use without the use of our packaged Address object. Upon installation of the package, it’s set up to work with the standard Account and Contact objects.

Advanced Address Management

Mixture of standalone and enhanced address management. It utilizes the package's Address object as an overflow that extends the capacity of standard objects' address blocks. In case a customer has several offices, this solution enables to store all of those addresses.
The Address object can play different roles:
  1. 1.
    Address object is an additional storage (default): Parent objects' address fields contain primary addresses. Each record in the Address object is in addition to the ones on the parent without being rolled up to the parent.
  2. 2.
    Address object is the primary storage: Address object contains ALL addresses and serves as the primary place to manage addresses. Every time an address is added/edited/deleted on the parent, the change is rolled down to the Address object, when a record on the address object is added/edited/deleted, it is rolled up to the parent.

To get started, follow our Quick Start guide to install and configure

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