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Get familiar with Veezla P&M features
These features help you create many types of Print & Mails within Salesforce.
    Bank Accounts To get started with sending checks, it is required to setup and verify one or more bank accounts.
    Default Addresses Save addresses that are used regularly to send mails from.
    Lob Metadata Support bi-directional sync. If the data is pushed to Lob as metadata, we can accept them in Salesforce and store in our custom metadata fields on the Print & Mail object, also providing the ability to configure the salesforce field/data mapping to lob metadata value.
    Tracking Monitor letters, postcards, and checks as they travel through the mail stream.
    Templates Create and save commonly used HTML templates.
    Webhooks Push notifications, or callbacks, which allow users to stay up-to-date on the status of their objects without needing to poll for updates.
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