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Bank Accounts

To get started with sending checks, it is required to setup and verify one or more bank accounts to send checks from. Bank Accounts are synced with Lob and stored as custom metadata in P&M. Synced bank accounts are listed in a table on Print & Mail Settings page and marked as "Synced".

Bank Account picklist

Synced Bank accounts are correlated to the custom picklist field, "Bank Account", available on the Print & Mail object for Checks. It Is a required field for Check processing.

Setup and verify bank accounts in Lob

Bank accounts can be created from your Lob Dashboard. To verify your bank account, Lob will send two micro-deposits ranging from 1 to 100 cents into the specified bank account. You'll be asked to enter them in their dashboard or submit them through the API, before sending out any checks.
This is especially important if checks are sent on behalf of customers. You must verify all your customer's bank accounts before sending checks from them. This is mostly easily done through the API.

Sync bank accounts

There are 2 types of sync available for bank accounts. First, bank accounts can be synced between Lob and P&M app, then the available values can be synced to Print & Mail object's picklist field in order to select them when creating Check records. Sync can be triggered from the Print & Mail Settings tab.
  • Navigate to Print & Mail Settings
Lightning: Navigate to the app launcher, select "Veezla Settings" app, and click on the "Print & Mail Settings" tab.
Classic: Navigate to the application drop-down button (blue button in the upper right-hand corner), select "Veezla Settings" app, and click on the "Print & Mail Settings " tab
  • Select "Lob Settings' from the menu
  • Click on the Sync Bank Accounts button - bank accounts data available in Lob will be transferred to Salesforce as metadata records and get listed on this Print & Mail Settings page
  • Click on the Sync Bank Account Picklist button - synced bank accounts will appear as "Bank Account" picklist values on the Print & Mail object when Check records are created.

Delete bank accounts

Bank Accounts can be deleted in your Lob Dashboard. When sync is triggered again in the P&M app, deleted bank account will be marked as "Deleted" in P&M Settings.