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HTML Templates

Instead of having to pass a long HTML string on each record, create and save commonly used HTML postcard, letter and check templates within Lob and sync them into your Salesforce to more easily manage mail creation. Synced templates are stored and listed in a table on the Print & Mail Settings page and marked as "Synced".

Template Picklists

You can reference synced templates in postcard, letter, and check records through syncing them to picklist fields available on the Print & Mail object. Print & Mail object has the following template picklists:
  • Template: values in this picklist substitues Letter File field for Letters, Postcard Front field for Postcards, and Check Bottom field for Checks
  • Template 2: values in this picklist substitues Postcard Back field for Postcards and Check Attachment field for Checks

HTML Examples

Use a pre-designed template from Lob's gallery or follow basic guidelines described below as starting points for creating custom Postcards, Letters, and Checks.
Please follow the Lob standards:
  • For any linked assets, you must use a performant file hosting provider with no rate limits such as Amazon S3.
  • Use inline styles or an internal stylesheet, do not link to external stylesheets.
  • Link to images that are 300DPI and sized at the final desired size on the physical mailing. For example, for a photo that is desired to be 1in x 1in on the final postcard, the image asset should be sized at 1in x 1in at 300DPI (which equates to 300px by 300px).
  • The sum of all linked assets should not exceed 5MB in file size.
  • Use -webkit prefixes for CSS properties when recommended here.

Creating a template

Templates can be created from your Lob Dashboard. Any parameter that accepts HTML in postcard, letter, or check creation can also accept a template. When creating a template, you need to pass two pieces of information:
  • An optional description
  • The HTML for your template

Sync templates

There are 2 types of sync available for templates. First, templates can be synced between Lob and PM app, then the available values can be synced to Print & Mail object's picklist field in order to select them when creating new PM records. Sync can be triggered from the Print & Mail Settings tab.
Navigate to Print & Mail Settings.
Lightning: Navigate to the app launcher, select "Veezla Settings" app, and click on the "Print & Mail Settings" tab.
Classic: Navigate to the application drop-down button (blue button in the upper right-hand corner), select "Veezla Settings" app, and click on the "Print & Mail Settings " tab
  • Select "Lob Settings' from the menu
  • Click on the Sync Templates button - templates available in Lob will be transferred to Salesforce and get listed on this Print & Mail Settings page
  • Click on the Sync Template Picklist button - synced templates will appear as "Template" and "Template2" picklist values on the Print & Mail object when new P&M records are created.
You can sync and store up to 100 templates. If you wish to have more contact us.

Delete templates

Templates can be deleted in your Lob Dashboard. When sync is triggered again in the P&M app, deleted template will be marked as "Deleted" in P&M Settings.