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Getting Started

Quick Start

Follow this guide to start using the Veezla | Print & Mail powered by Lob

Step 1. Install AT from AppExchange

Installing Veezla Address Tools solution is a requirement for P&M in order to increase mail deliverability.
Click on the Get It Now button and select the desired destination (sandbox or production).
Learn more about AT

Step 2. Install P&M from AppExchange

Click on the Get It Now button and select the desired destination (sandbox or production).

Step 3. Assign Permission Sets

There are two out of the box permissions sets [Print & Mail (Admin) and Print & Mail (User)] that can be assigned to team members. Each permission set provides a level of access to the P&M app. You can clone any of the permission sets to personalize the access based on your company's requirements.

Step 4. Setup and Configure with Print&Mail Settings tab

A tab called "Print&Mail Settings" is provided to help admins set up and configure Print & Mail.
  • Navigate to Print & Mail Settings
Lightning: Navigate to the app launcher, select "Print & Mail" app, and click on the "Print & Mail Settings" tab.
Classic: Navigate to the application drop-down button (blue button in the upper right-hand corner), select "Print & Mail" app, and click on the "Print & Mail Settings " tab

Lob Settings

Connect your Lob API Key
Every Lob account has a test and a live environment. All API requests are either a test or live request. The two environments are completely separate; data created in the test environment can not access data created in the live environment, and vice versa. You should use the test environment to try out services, perform quality assurance, and run automated testing. Once you are ready for production, switch to your live API key.
The test and live API keys are located in your Lob account's dashboard. Click on the dashboard button (top right of the page), your username, and select the API Keys tab.
  • Connect with Test key: Copy the key from your Lob account and paste it to the Test Environment field in Print & Mail Settings.
  • Connect with Live key: Copy the key from your Lob account, paste it to the Live Environment field, and enable the Live mode checkbox in Print & Mail Settings.
Haven't set up a Lob account yet? No problem! Go & Get it.

Bank Accounts

This is an optional setting to sync your Lob Bank Accounts It is required for sending checks.

Default Addresses

This is an optional setting to setup Default Addresses. This feature allows your most frequent address used for sending mails from to be easily setup and selected.


This is an optional setting to sync your Lob Templates. It is required if you want to use templates for sending checks, letters, or postcards.

Step 5. Assign Page Layouts

Print & Mail object's Record Types (Check, Letter, Postcard) and each has its own page layout that has to be assigned manually. Navigate to Record Type or Page Layout and click on Page layout Assignment and assign each page layout to record types based on profiles.

Step 6. Configure Webhooks

This is a highly suggested, but optional step especially if you are wanting to use data sync and tracking.

Step 7. You're ready to use Print & Mail

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Veezla's P&M solution is powered by Lob API. It is organized around REST and designed to have predictable, resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate any API errors.


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Signing up for Lob

Lob account creation is required to use Print & Mail through their API keys.

New Lob Account

  • Navigate to Lob's sign up page.
  • Enter the information below and click "sign up free."

Connect Lob Account

Follow our Quick Start guide to connect your Lob account to P&M.