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It lets you create new records for sending personalized letters and store records that are ready for sending or already sent.

Create a Letter

  • Create a new Print & Mail record and select Letter as record type
  • Fill in required and optional fields
Required fields if address is already processed: Address (From), Address(To), Letter file
Required fields if address isn't processed yet: Name or Company, Address (From), Address (To), Letter file
  • Save record

Address Placement

The Address Placement field parameter specifies the location of the address information that will show through the double-window envelope. Options are Top First Page and Insert Blank Page.
By defaults, Top First Page is selected , meaning that address information will be printed at the top of your provided first page. To see how this will impact your letter design, view the following letter template.
If you pass Insert Blank Page, a blank address page will be inserted at the beginning of your file and you will be charged for the extra page.

Letter Content


Accepts Salesforce File ID of a locally uploaded file, template ID or a remote URL of an HTML or PDF file. All pages of a supplied PDF file must be sized at 8.5"x11", while supplied HTML will be rendered and trimmed to as many 8.5"x11" pages as necessary. For domestic destinations, the file limit is 60 pages single-sided or 120 pages double-sided. For international destinations, the file limit is 6 pages single-sided or 12 pages double-sided. PDFs that surpass the file limit will error, while HTML that renders more pages than the file limit will be trimmed. Any letters over 6 pages single-sided or 12 pages double-sided will be placed in a flat envelope instead of the standard double window envelope.

Send a Letter

  • Open the Letter record
  • If all required and desired fields are filled in, click Process Print & Mailbutton at the top right corner.


  • If the letter is successfully processed Status field changes to "Processed".
  • Print & Mail ID (External), Rendered URL, Address To ID (External), and Address From ID (External) fields get populated.
  • If the letter is failed to process, Status field changes to "Failed to Process".
  • Processing Error field shows error details.

Cancel a Letter

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