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Welcome to Veezla | Print & Mail powered by Lob!
Veezla | Print & Mail brings Lob APIs 100% natively on Salesforce to control and programmatically send personalized physical mails.
For the ease of this documentation, we refer to Print & Mail as P&M.


Address Tools

This Print & Mail package depends on our Address Tools (AT) package in order to increase mail deliverability. AT package provides features like standardization, validation, and verification of address data 100% natively on Salesforce.
By default, P&M works with our Address Tools package's out of the box custom Address object, Contact, and Account address blocks to determine sender (Address From) and recipient (Address To) addresses. To change P&M address relation from these to other standard or custom objects, check out our Custom Metadata Types documentation.
There are three P&M Record Types that cover different mail communication options:


From personalized welcome letters to performant collections and claims notices, a Letter record allows you to trigger production and delivery of letters to customers. To get started with sending letters, check out our letters documentation


A Postcard record allows you to trigger delivery of highly personalized postcards.To get started with sending postcards, see our postcard documentation.


A Check record allows you to automate printing and delivery of payments via physical checks.To get started with sending checks, have a look on our check documentation.

To get rolling, follow our Quick Start guide to install and configure

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Getting Started
A step-by-step tutorial to get the app up and running in minutes.
Everything you need to know about P&M
Custom Objects
A technical and non-technical introduction to the features of P&M