Veezla Docs

International Shipping

You can easily handle foreign addresses and customs forms directly through our app when shipping internationally.

1. Create the sender and recipient Address records

As with every Shipment, you need to first create or retrieve your two Address (From and To) records first. Check out our International Address Verification feature section on how you can verify international addresses.

2. Create and include Customs Item record

You will need to create a customs declaration and specify the items that are inside your international shipment. This is to ensure that the country you import goods into accepts your package at the border.

What customs information do I need?

You can find an overview of all available fields in our "" object section. Most carriers require you to specify customs certify, customs signer, contents type, eel/pfc and restriction type. Although not all carriers require it, we highly recommend creating customs item with required details below – this significantly reduces the risk of the package being stuck in customs.
  • description = A brief description of the item
  • quantity = Number of that item contained in the package
  • weight = Total weight in ounces of all the items of that type in the package
  • value = Total value in US dollars of all the items of that type in the package
  • hs tariff number = The six digit code for your item as specified by harmonized system for tariffs.
  • origin_country = Where the item was manufactured or assembled.
To get the “hs tariff number”, you’ll need to look up the harmonization code associated with whatever product you are shipping. You can search for them on

3. Create Shipment record, get rates, and purchase label.

The only difference between this Shipment request and a domestic Shipment request is that you must include customs item to push the shipment. After that, you can retrieve Rates and create labels just like for domestic (US) shipping.