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SCAN Forms

A SCAN Form is a crucial checklist of packages that are ready for pickup by a carrier. They act as an advance notice of the packages that the driver or carrier agent has to pick up from your premises. Some carriers will require a manifest before their end-of-day pickups. Even if your carrier doesn't, it's still a good idea to manifest your shipments so you can hand the carrier a single form that accounts for all of the shipments being picked up.
There are a few rules that you have to follow when creating a ScanForm
  • Refunded Shipments cannot be added.
  • Each Shipment must have the same origin address.
  • Shipments must all be dated on or after the date of the form's generation.
  • Shipments cannot be added to more than one ScanForm
  • Shipments must be provided in the form of an array.