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Learn about this Shipping packages's custom objects
    Addresses An address is an entity which can be a sender or a receiver of a shipment; as well as a pickup point.
    Shipments Shipment object represents shipments, both planned and realized.
    Batch Shipments Batch Shipment object allows you to perform operations on multiple Shipments at once.
    Scan Forms A scan form is a crucial checklist of packages that are ready for pickup by a carrier in order to speed up the process.
    Pickups Pickup object allows you to schedule a pickup from your carrier, from your customer's residence, or place of business.
    Carrier Accounts A CarrierAccount encapsulates your credentials with the carrier.
    Webhook Events Webhooks are push notifications, or callbacks, which allow users to stay up-to-date on the status of their objects without needing to poll for updates.
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