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Carrier Accounts

A CarrierAccount encapsulates your credentials with the carrier. Each EasyPost account is automatically provided a USPS account managed by EasyPost.
Other operations, such as Shipment creation, can reference CarrierAccounts to reduce the scope of data returned. For instance, you may have multiple warehouses that need to use distinct FedEx SmartPost credentials to request the correct rates. Rate objects will include a carrier_account_id field which can be used to determine the account used for rating.

Retrieve your Carrier Accounts

In order to select carriers, you need to retrieve all carrier accounts.
  • Go to Setup Wizard.
  • Go to 'Retrieve Carrier Accounts' tabs.
  • Click 'Retrieve Carrier Accounts' button.
When you navigate to 'Carrier Accounts' object, you will see the list of available carriers.

Selecting a Carrier

Before getting Rates for a Shipment, you can select the Carrier. If the Carrier is not selected, every available Rate will be retrieved.