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With our Multi-Carrier Shipping app for salesforce you are able to create both domestic and international shipment with over 100 carriers.

Create Domestic Shipment

  1. 1.
    Create a new Shipment record. Required fields: From Address, To Address, Predefined Package, Weight
Address Section
You need to populate From and To Addresses. If you don't populate the return and the buyer address, the application will suppose that they are equal to the From Address.
An Address should be valid in order to create a successful payment, so it is recommended to verify the Address records before creating Shipments.
Using non-verified Address records
You can also use Address records which are not verified yet. In this case, when getting rates for the Shipment, the application will try to verify them.
Parcel and Insurance section
You need to set the Predefined Package and Weight fields. Alternatively, you can set the package dimensions.
2. Save the record.
3. Click Get Ratesbutton
4. On Rates related list Rate records appear. Select a Rate and navigate to the record.
5. Click Ship with EasyPostbutton.


  • After successful push, you are navigated back to the Shipment record
  • Shipment ID, Parcel ID, Label ID, Label URL & Tracking Code fields get populated
  • If shipment details are not valid, only Shipment Id field gets populated, and rates would not appear
  • Carrier Message field shows details

Additional Sections


When you click Ship with EasyPost, on Fee section you'll see a detailed list of fees connected with this shipment.

Tracking Details

When the Shipment status is updated, a new Tracking Detail record is inserted. See the Webhooks section about setting up the tracker endpoint.

Get Refund

USPS shipping labels can be refunded if requested within 30 days of generation. The processing time is at least 15 days, after which the funds will return to your EasyPost balance. EasyPost fees will also be refunded.
  • Click Refundbutton on your Shipment Record

Generate Return Shipment

You can automatically create return labels for the shipment. It is important that you need to manually purchase labels for return shipments.
  • Click Return Shipmentbutton on your Shipment Record
  • The newly created Shipment record appears on the Return Shipments related list

Create International Shipment

For international shipment, steps are the same, but additionally Custom Items record creation is needed.
Customs Item Required fields: Value, Weight, Quantity, Currency (ISO), Origin Country, HS Tariff Number


Outcomes are the same as in domestic shipments, but additionally CustomsItem ID also gets populated