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Webhook Events
Anytime an event occurs like records are updated (CRUD - created/updated/deleted) in EasyPost, a Webhook Event record gets created in Salesforce . Each Webhook Event record contains the full JSON payload of what occurred, which is processed in Salesforce by a scheduled batch job that processes new records every 5 minutes. This batch job will parse the Webhook Event details and use the data to insert or update the related record in Salesforce.
We suggest using Webhook Events for troubleshooting and/or tracking what records are created or have been updated in Salesforce. This object only captures data from EasyPost, it does not send information back to EasyPost. Updating or creating Webhook Events in Salesforce will not create and/or update records in EasyPost.
Webhooks (link) must be configured in your org before Webhook Events can be created.

Webhook Events in EasyPost

Webhook Events in Salesforce

Setting up an webservice endpoint
  • Navigate to Setup | Site
  • Create a new Site
  • Set it to 'Active' status
  • Click 'Public Access Settings'
  • Click 'Assigned Users'
  • Select 'Site Guest User'
  • Go to Permission Set Assignemnts section and click 'Edit Assignments'
  • Add the 'Easypost Webhook' permission set
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Webhook Events in EasyPost
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